Cookies Out of the Oven (formerly appeared on the blog One Good Paragraph)

I like to think cookies were an accident of culinary evolution. Some Middle Ages chef spilled some grainy  flour on the cutting board, tried to wipe it away with some butter on his hand, got distracted, gave a hunk  of sugar to a kid underfoot to get him to go away for awhile…then licked his hand and thought, “Hey….”.  This time of year especially, how many memorable conversations start over a bowl of dough? Roll it  between your hand this way, see? Now take a little more flour on your hands, like that, yeah. O.K.; shall  we do another batch? Cream the butter just like I did. See why we left it out for awhile? Half with  walnuts, half plain? So, who do you like best in your class now? Really…you used to say she was  yucky….

Years later, taste, smell and memory will coalesce like a dough taking shape. Innocent little cakes, sweet  or tangy or fruity or chocolatey. It’s all good. For now, it’s all about the time together, buttery floury  hands, and waiting for them to cool enough to try. Joy to our worlds.  — Adam Barr


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