Lace ‘Em Up (formerly appeared on the blog One Good Paragraph)

Of course you would. Falling and bruises and all. What a bunch of fun it would be, huh? Sure, none of us skate as well as we think we do. But you have the stick. You’re essentially a tripod. And once you get warmed up, who knows? Shove one left, deke right and duck inside and you might tip one. Soon off comes the stocking cap, you’ve kicked up that much heat. And you can’t stop giggling, realizing every stroke that you’re pretty much the antithesis of Paul Coffey. Or anyone else who can handle themselves on skates. Oh, but the biscuit, the bouncy biscuit, coming your way, and the guys yelling, and you drop down into that crouch and feel your thighs engage and push and burn. Hope clings to the remaining cartilage in your knees. Finally you get free, and there’s a moment of balance, and you wind up and SLAP! Right at the post, a thunk, and….just over the glove!

Light the lamp and bring it back to center pond.  — Adam Barr

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One thought on “Lace ‘Em Up (formerly appeared on the blog One Good Paragraph)

  1. Lisa says:

    I didn’t play hockey on the iced over pond, but I did skate. I remember buying my first pair of ice skates with my own money. They were white with the red Canadian maple leaf on the ankle. My kids are growing up playing golf and swimming, where I grew up ice skating, sledding, and building snow forts.

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