Asia Journal, Day 1: Outbound

Airports, the world’s loneliest crowded places, have decreased the fun of getting there to 26.4 percent from its traditional half. Vague violin music in sticky-floored corridors, the slow-burn apprehension of the soft-clothed multitudes — it all takes saintly patience and unassailable optimism. Do not forsake these, for the land of the splitting headache awaits the unwary.

Beyond this junky terrain lies adventure, or at least a change of scene. The experienced business traveler knows what to look forward to: the new, the revisited, the exotic; meetings with people you like (why else go?) without the distraction of ringing phones or lawns to cut.

In this case, that all lies 25 hours away. We can get around the world, but it still takes all day. ALL day, bedless, unshaven, unshowered, armed with only a Kindle and an iPhone. Three hours to wander O’Hare, 16 hours over the pole to Hong Kong.

Here we go. — Adam Barr

Copyright 2012 Adam Barr


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