Asia Journal, Day 2ish: Arrival & Recon


China fills the eye; Hong Kong keeps pouring the visual tea until it spills over the edge of the cup and eventually, the saucer too. Doing just the touristy stuff, or any of it, is like overseas Burger King. You didn’t come 7,800 miles just to get filled up.

Taste and texture are too abundant and flowing in all directions: into your eyes, ears and nose, back to the people regarding the curious, well-fed foreigner who has no business in the noodle place down the hill from Jardine’s Crescent (British colonialism survives in street names) where Americans never eat.

Begin with a 7:30 a.m. look at (plastic) sword tai chi in Victoria Park, then get on the Causeway Bay tram (HK$2.30 each way, about 35¢). Climb to the upper deck, get a front seat, and observe.

Juice bar, Paterson Street

Upper deck tram view

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

To work

Sudden shower, Tau Lin Street stop

Nixon in China

Young couples decide on late-night Korean barbecue

Everything, all the time: restaurant at night  — Adam Barr

Copyright 2012 Adam Barr

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3 thoughts on “Asia Journal, Day 2ish: Arrival & Recon

  1. Teena says:

    Envious. Travel safe.

  2. SusanO says:

    “Nixon in China”! Love.

    These are all so beautiful, but I especially like the Tai Chi practice at the top of the post. It corresponds so wonderfully to your great phrasing “pouring the visual tea”.

  3. Nixon in China — brilliant!

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