Montreal: L’aventure commence

Shocked into despair by the airfares to Europe this summer (family of three from U.S., $4,200 just to set foot on the continent), I was temporarily at a loss. We were looking for an interesting vacation to indoctrinate our 11-year-old son into the family tradition of learning and exploring cities with enthusiasm — the byway, the ignored side street, the out-of-the-way cafe.

Bien sur! Why did I fly Air Canada to Japan all those times, if not to amass enough miles for a Canadian vacation? And if we went to Montreal, it would be like a European vacation in many respects. And the tickets would be free!

Well, not exactly. Seventy-five thousand miles and $533 later (redemption and no less than 12 other separate fees, some involving cross-border and other illusory “costs”), we had our tickets, plus my Star Alliance Elite baggage privileges. So I figured at about $180 per adventurer round trip, we were still ahead of the game. I hope.

Once we arrived at our bed & breakfast, Le Terra Nostra in the Verdun arrondissement in southwest Montreal, I stopped worrying. We received a warm welcome, then dropped our bags and headed right out into the eclectic neighborhood.

Serenity everywhere you look in the garden at le gite Le Terra Nostra.

Late lunch at Tire Bouchon, 5200 rue Wellington…au trottoir (sidewalk table), of course.

Walk in the park: Montreal kids defeat the heat.

View from breakfast in the garden — the neighbors’ balcony, all early-morning city-quiet.

Strawberry-melon-rose water breakfast smoothie made just for us? Oui, si vous plait.

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One thought on “Montreal: L’aventure commence

  1. SusanO says:

    “And if we went to Montreal, it would be like a European vacation in many respects.” Ha! Yes, exactly.

    And now I am going to attempt a strawberry melon rose water smoothie…

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