Brainies du Jour for July 26, 2012


  • If walking to Publix wearing backpack and headphones while singing Billy Joel at the penthouse of my lungs makes me a freak, bring on the rainbow fright wig.
  • When did people get the idea that freedom of expression means you can take positions or spout off without consequences? So many InYourFacebook posters harangued me for disagreeing with Chick-Fil-A’s public crusade against equal marriage rights (the company has given money to anti-gay organizations), saying I was trying to crush the restaurant chain’s freedom of speech. Nothing like it. CFA absolutely has the right to say what it wants and do what it wants with its charitable contributions. But those who disagree also have the right to take their chicken-sandwich money elsewhere if they don’t care to support a company that supports causes they disagree with. I checked the Constitution — you can say what you want, but you’re not guaranteed a favorable reaction.
  • Took my son to the orthodontist today to have a palate expander installed. I mean, it’s really not unlike the wrench spreader they used to use (maybe still do) to hold open a chest for open heart surgery. Only smaller. It will expand his upper palate a quarter of a millimeter at a time over the course of a month, resulting in another quarter-inch or so of space in the kid’s mouth. I don’t know what’s more medieval, the device or what I have to pay for it. (Seriously, he goes to a very good orthodontist, and my son himself has been a real trouper through a lot of physical and social discomfort.)
  • Sign of a good vacation: We got back from Montreal more than two weeks ago. I wanna go back.
  • It’s been a good music day. The Who By Numbers led me to Rough Mix which led me all over the place. And a friend’s FB post featuring video of his “singing” dogs led me to this gem. (There’s enough video in it to get past my rule about meh-on-photo-based-YouTube-posts.)
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