Brainies du Jour for July 28, 2012

  • [Hmph] O.K. Listen carefully. “Everyday” is an adjective. It describes something that is common, or happens every day. It does not mean “every day.” “Every day” is a combination of an adjective, every, and a noun, day. It means each day. “Everyday” does not mean “every day.” So a store that says it’s open everyday is likely not maximizing profits because the owner is stupid because he wasn’t listening in school. He means every day, and inside you’ll find everyday low prices.
  •  Father-Son Heart-to-Heart Department: ME: “In about three years, everything I do is going to be stupid and embarrassing to you.” JOSEPH (age 11): “That already happens sometimes now.”
  •  Has anyone ever been just whelmed?
  • Long before she “jumped” out of a helicopter with Daniel Craig, long before her Diamond Jubilee, Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, was on my short list of people I would like to meet. Think of how much she has seen, and the eras she bridges. She is the eldest daughter of George VI, England’s reluctant yet valiant World War II era king, who famously fought a stutter, as chronicled in the film The King’s Speech. Her grandfather, George V, was born in 1865 and had connections to the German (Saxe-Coburg) branch of the family within two generations — which had to create some family angst in the 1940s. The reigning Queen’s mother, Her Majesty Queen Elzabeth The Queen Mother, literally spanned the 20th century, living a fascinating life between 1900 and 2002.

How could you not want to meet this woman?

  • So what would HM and I discuss? Well: history, travel, theater, opera (does she like it?), the secrets of combining stamina and an even-keeled public persona, riding (she has been an avid and skilled horsewoman), Corgis, golf (I don’t believe she played, but at least one of her sons does), jokes, whether she ever gets to just pop down to the kitchen and make a cup of tea and grab a cake from  the fridge without all the fuss, parts of America she has never seen that she would like to, her friendship with President Reagan and other U.S. dignitaries, her impressions of Churchill, what we Americans don’t know or understand about the United Kingdom, and movies.
  • I like taking photographs, but I don’t claim to have a professional’s or artist’s eye. Still, I have developed an expensive and likely unhealthy obsession. A four-digit-price obsession.
  • Mmmm…Leica…[Homer Simpson donut drool noise]

     Olympic tennis! Like having two Wimbledons in one year! One without grunting! I watched some of the men’s doubles, something most people don’t bother with. Completely different strategic challenge, of course. I have a lot to learn about it. The Bryan Brothers are kind of cool, even if their name sounds kind of like a brand of barbecue sauce.
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