When Silence is Best

As I write this, news of the explosions at the Boston Marathon is just hours old. A great many questions are, as yet, unanswered, although frightened speculation is rampant. Every theory from domestic terrorism to international intrigue has been floated. But in this early stage, when attention is justifiably focused on tending to the victims, facts are scarce. Groping for some kind of certainty is to be expected in a nation wary of terrorism; still, we must gird ourselves against rapid judgment that can turn out to be misjudgment in the end.

With these weighty things to consider, my personal musings and writing experiments can wait for at least a day. Like millions, my thoughts are with the victims, those whose blood spilled and the many more who were miles away — for it will be the long-term loss that sends shock waves through families around the world.

Whatever the cause of this horror, it will be incumbent upon the living to overcome the shock of violence and stand up to those who, in the throes of their disease, believe it to be the answer to anything.

God and our fellow humans await our response.

Adam Barr


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