BSOTK: Vacation Favorites

Friends and Followers:

BSOTK is on hiatus for three weeks while I take my family on a long-awaited European vacation. If I find some wi-fi, I’ll post occasionally from the trip.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this post from our Greatest Hits collection (based on either page views or my caprice; I’m not sure which).

Thanks for your support; see you Monday, June 24.


Stereotypes R [Sigh] Still Us


2 thoughts on “BSOTK: Vacation Favorites

  1. And you’ll have an editor in tow!

  2. adambarr1106 says:

    [smirk] Like I would EVER travel without an edito–…

    Wait…you mean people DO travel withou–?

    Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.

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