Batteries: Time to Recharge

To My Readers:

First and foremost, thanks. Since I committed to five-day-a-week posting seven months ago, you have been wonderfully supportive. I can say that except for a two-week stretch in June during my family’s European vacation, I have not missed a deadline (although during that Italy-Austria stretch, I did provide a slate of greatest-hit reruns).AB_Photo_Nov2010_Crop

I find now, though, that the well is truly dry. Rather than insert 400 words of cereal in this space, I’m going to take a few days off. I promise to return with something worth your time. Also, I apologize for not “writing ahead” enough to cover this inevitable break in brain splattering; most worth-their-chemicals journalists would have seen it coming.

This may be a good place to mention that a few weeks back, I circulated a poll that asked you, the readers, what you want to see on this blog. Travel, humor, food, and such were the dominant subjects. And there was a save-all at the end: keep it general.

Generality won by a mile. Thanks for the compliment; the notion that I can keep you interested as I flit from subject to subject is encouraging. So general it shall stay.

Some of you have been friends for years; others are new. Either way, you help me realize every day, with your support and comments, that writers don’t usually make up the good stuff. They simply chronicle the endlessly fascinating layers of life they see in the people around them. Each of you has been a remarkable lens and mirror. May our visions together continue for a long time….

…after just a few days for my brain to catch its breath.





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