Travel: The Real Enemy

[Hello readers. How have you been? It occurs to me that I put far too much out on Facebook, which is kind of like shouting your heart into Grand Central at 5:15 p.m. I’d rather speak in a calm voice in comfortable room full of the people who have stuck by me: all of you.

Not that I’m planning to disappear from FB. But if it’s the slightest bit deep, it’ll more likely be here. — AB]

Experienced travelers — those intrepid airport jockeys who consider themselves toughs of the road, impervious to inconvenience, turbulence, disappointment, jet lag and bad coffee — inside, they all know better. They know that the real enemy is not weather, rude ticket agents, incomprehensible delays, or the clock. No, the real enemy of even the most seasoned traveler is loneliness. It’s good; if you have people and a place to be lonely for, likely you’re loved.

I had a whole platoon of people, at home and on the road, to defend me from loneliness this last trip, a 15-day, two-continent ride with four hotels and four flights more than five hours long. You know who you are. Thank you.



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