Return of the Brain: Forward Nostalgia

brain[Readers: I know; I’ve been gone awhile. Except on Facebook. And I always said I would never apologize for big blog gaps. Only makes it worse, right? But I feel I owe you a brief explanation.

I enjoyed a five-day-a-week schedule for the eight months or so I was able to keep it up. And your response validated it. But as I often say, I’m not a 140-character writer. Rather, I’m 140 characters in one writer. Once I got going, it was hard to put on the brakes at 300 words. After awhile, burnout won.

But…time to get back. Less frequently, and shorter, as I figure out this faddish Internet thing. Please read, comment, chortle, cajole, and whatever other verbs you can think of. Meanwhile, like my friend above, I will continue to TRY TO WRITE OVER THE WORLD…. — AB]

For no particular reason, I don’t throw back on Thursday. Friday seems to be the nostalgia day around here. Perhaps it’s because no weekday carries more meaning than Friday (except maybe Monday, but that’s rarely positive). In school, at work, Friday was the final descent into a happy landing and the resort you were bound for: the weekend, with its relaxation and change.

No different now. The anticipation and finish-line exuberance with which we freight a Friday is just as potent. Often, music is the catalyst. Today’s example is from Roxy Music: the silken-voiced Bryan Ferry out front with “More Than This,” from the 1982 album Avalon.

Unlike some of the harder-edged stuff we were listening to about the time I wrapped up college, this song seemed to provide a dividing line between youth and adulthood. Time to jump off, time for a change, time to walk into a foggy unknown lit only by our hopes and promises. Exciting. Nervy. Natural.

The forward part of the nostalgia? That’s easy. Crane your neck to look backwards for too long, and it begins to get sore. I like what’s back there. But I also like the knowledge that even though not everything worked out according to that schedule of hopes and promises, and despite hard patches for everyone at one time or another — things worked out pretty well. Makes me excited about what’s ahead.

If there is more than this, it’s up to us to build it.

© 2014 Adam Barr

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One thought on “Return of the Brain: Forward Nostalgia

  1. Teresa says:

    Welcome back. Love that song choice!

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