Adam Barr

AB_Photo_Nov2010_CropI’m Adam Barr, and this is my blog. I wrote, and will write, a lot of the stuff on here (the bylines are at the end of each post). I also welcome honest attempts at good writing from anyone, and will be happy to post them.

In my day job, I’m the president of Miura Golf, a small Japanese company that makes the world’s best golf clubs. I have also been a reporter for a major golf television network and a golf newspaper; before that I was a  lawyer and an editor of legal texts.

Whatever I have done for a living, writing has been at the center of how I communicate. From TV scripts to memos to appeal briefs, I have always had an affinity for the written word. I am coming to understand, maybe later than I should have, that while there is such a thing as bad writing, no effort at writing is really bad. What would be wrong is to have the love and never try. Good finals come from the effort.

Criticize, discuss, vilify, extol, [insert verb here] what you read on this blog. Let’s grow together as writers and readers. Because the only thing more fundamental to an enriching life than hearing a good story is telling one.


4 thoughts on “Adam Barr

  1. Jeanné Fox says:

    keep writing.
    you are good at it 🙂

  2. discovered your blog not long ago , nice to read

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